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Ana Colaco Maruta Mestre
Name:Ana Colaco Maruta Mestre
Role:Research Fellow
School / Department:College of Art Architecture Design and Humanities, School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment
Telephone:+44 (0)115 848 2865
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Ana's research at the CIE-MAP research centre focuses on sustainable design. Ana's research role at NTU includes:

  • reviewing current guidelines aimed at promoting design for longevity in consumer goods markets
  • developing criteria to enable designers to assess the effects of increased product longevity (e.g. through durability, repair, and upgrading) upon energy and materials consumption, and
  • using case studies to explore trade-offs when designing products for lower materials consumption, such as between a) reduced materials use for efficiency and greater use of materials to ensure durability, b) embodied carbon in products and energy consumed during use, and c) designing products for greater durability and recyclability at end of life.

The research methods and tools may involve interviews and / or questionnaires, creating models and / or prototypes, and developing and / or using checklists and tools (e.g. LCA).