Our Environment Centre provides first class facilities for learning and research in the disciplines associated with tackling the challenges faced by our planet. From renewable energy solutions to conservation and species recovery, we are well-placed with a range of expertise, a unique study location and a shared ambition to make a difference. 

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Our GIS equipment monitors, analyses and stores data which refers to or is linked to its location. Students use mapping and analytical techniques on a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. GIS mapping can be used to effectively plot data patterns for things like land use, pollution distribution, wind speed, species migration and mammal tracking.

Photovoltaic panels
The Equestrian Centre roof captures solar energy via a large collection of photovoltaic panels as part of the campus drive for renewable energy sources.   

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
The GNSS provides geo-spatial positioning with global coverage allowing small electronic receivers to determine their location using time signals. Students use the technique for field work, experiments and research.

Water quality testing
We carry out MPK and PH testing on wetland habitats on campus including the Dumbles and Sheepwalk Pond. Specialist equipment can measure waterflow rates and retrodiction of polio discharge. 

Wildlife cameras
During the spring students monitor a number of wild animals using live links to wildlife cameras across the campus. Watch out for links to the camera feed in February of the pair of protected Peregrine Falcons that have been nesting and breeding on an NTU building for the last ten years.  

Home Farm
The working farm on the estate includes over 200 ewes, a herd of Lincoln Red cattle and acres of arable crops including rape seed and biofuel crops. Part of the DEFRA Environmental Stewardship Scheme - the farm promotes sustainable land use and management with modern farming techniques integrated with conservation work. 



Wind turbines at Brackenhurst
Electric cars at Brackenhurst
A student working in an environmental laboratory
Spraying a field
Surveying skills on the estate