The suite of glasshouses and polytunnels at our Brackenhurst Campus were opened in 2006.

The glasshouse is built to a Venlo design and incorporates the latest features for production horticulture. Measuring 20m x 36m x 4m to the gutter, it is divided into six self contained bays with a four metre wide corridor. The environment of each bay is capable of being individually controlled to meet the specific requirements of the crop or research project.

Active research includes the effects of reducing peat in growing media and undertaking growth trials on a range of plants.

The facilities are used for the production of plants and teaching practical skills.

The polytunnels measure 21.5m x 45.5m x 2.3m to the gutter. They provide protected cropping environments for hardy nursery plants and teaching areas for practical skills training.

Students inside the Glasshouse complex
Students in the Glasshouse Complex