Policies and procedures

Academic Appeals Procedure

The Academic Appeals Procedures describe the ways in which students may make representation about decisions made by Boards of Examiners on their academic performance and progress.

Academic Irregularities Code of Practice PDF icon effective from the start of 2011/12 academic year.

The Academic Irregularities Code of Practice outlines and explains forms of academic irregularities as understood within the University, principally plagiarism, collusion and cheating. It provides details of the procedures that will be followed where academic misconduct by students is suspected.

All students of the University, including students on franchised courses, on courses of study at undergraduate and taught postgraduate levels, are covered by the Code. 

Complaints Procedure

If you are concerned about an aspect of your learning experience, you can use the Complaints Procedure for Students to bring your concerns to the attention of relevant staff. The Procedure enables investigation of the concerns with the aim of satisfactory resolution, and is available to students who are enrolled on University courses.

Computer Use Regulations for Staff and Students PDF icon

These guidelines cover the use of University computer facilities and services for students and staff of Nottingham Trent University. 

Terms and Conditions

This page provides information about the Terms and Conditions which apply to offers made by the University to applicants.
In accepting the offer of a place at the University you are also accepting the Terms and Conditions and agreeing to comply with the University’s Regulations, Rules, Codes, Policies and Procedures that apply to enrolled students.

On this page you will find, and be able to download, copies of the Terms and Conditions, and other relevant documents.

Examination Regulations

These guidelines cover examination procedures for students at Nottingham Trent University.

Equality and Diversity Policy PDF icon

Nottingham Trent University aspires to develop a community of learning for both staff and students in which human relationships are valued and respected, equality of opportunity is actively pursued, and the personal and intellectual development of all members of the community is fostered and supported.

Intellectual Property Policy PDF icon

This document sets out the formal policy of Nottingham Trent University in relation to the ownership and management of Intellectual Property generated by students of the University.

Privacy Statement

NTU is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you a safe online experience. This Privacy Policy applies to the website and governs data collection and usage. By using the website, you consent to the data practices described in this policy.

Procedure for Investigating Alleged Research Misconduct PDF icon

This Procedure has been established to provide a procedural framework for investigating and dealing with allegations of misconduct in research concerning research conducted under the auspices of the University.

Student Code of Behaviour PDF icon

The Student Code of Behaviour incorporates the Discipline Regulations for students. A high standard of behaviour and respect towards other students, University staff and members of the public is expected of all students whether on campus or not. The Code of Behaviour is intended to make students clearly aware of their behavioural responsibilities while studying in academic areas, living in University accommodation and participating in any University activity. In addition, it may in certain circumstances be invoked while students are away from the University campus.

Code of Conduct on Freedom of Speech PDF icon

This document sets out the formal policy of Nottingham Trent University in relation to the Code of Conduct on Freedom of Speech.

Policies and Procedures for Postgraduate Research PDF icon

This page provides information about the policies, guidance and procedures for postgraduate research students at Nottingham Trent University.

Student Fitness to Study Policy PDF icon

Nottingham Trent University is committed to providing a supportive environment for its students and recognises that the wellbeing of students is critical to their learning, academic achievement and wider student experience. This Policy and Procedure will apply in situations where a student's health, wellbeing and / or behaviour are having a detrimental impact on their ability to progress academically and function effectively at the University.

Use of Prayer And Faith Facilities Policy PDF icon

The University provides facilities for prayer and other faith activities across all campuses. This document gives information about the location of these facilities and the policy for their use.