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Residence Assistants

What is a Residence Assistant? 

NTU's Residence Assistant (RAs) help to create a sense of community for students living within our City, Clifton and Brackenhurst residences and are the welcoming face for students to speak to. 

RAs are second year, third year and postgraduate students who know the challenges associated with living with new people, in a new city and are well-placed to provide you with empathetic support and advice, working alongside the residence teams and out of hours' staff to provide peer to peer support.

Along with their experience of halls life, RA's are trained to deal with a number of situations, but can also signpost to variety of University services including Student Support Services for health and wellbeing issues or advice on managing your money, as well as the Student's Union for volunteering opportunities or to joining sports teams or societies.

“During the training I enjoyed getting to meet a lot of new people who are all taking on the same role.” – Felix (Gill Street North)

“I enjoyed the socialising with fellow RAs as it made you feel you had their support for the future.” – Harvey (Simpsons)

RA led events - Creating Community

RA’s work alongside the accommodation team to deliver a programme of events within halls, to engage students, create a sense of community and enhance our student’s experience of living within halls. Each RA team is responsible for hosting one event a month at their hall, which they project manage, from initial inception to delivery.

These events are student led and offer a great way of getting to know other residents within your halls. Our events create a positive environment in which students can feel safe, happy and be part of the wider University community. Examples of successful events this year are:

  • Petting Zoo
  • Halls Quiz Night
  • Pyjama and Themed Film Nights
  • Foods From Around The World
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Sports Tournament
  • Bake Off Competitions
  • Trips into Nottingham City (Goose Fair/Christmas Markets)
  • Pizza and Games Nights
  • Free Yoga Sessions

Hear accreditation - Enhance your employability 

The RA Programme is part of NTU’s HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) recognised extra-curricular activities. Becoming an RA will greatly enhance your employability profile, demonstrating your ability to undertake a variety of roles such as events management, listening and management skills as well as conflict resolution.

Application process 

How do I become an RA?

If would like to apply to be a Residence Assistant for the coming academic year, please take a look at the job description and person specification

We would ask that you email us your up to date CV and a cover letter, detailing why you think you would be suitable for the role. Please provide examples of how your knowledge and experience meet the role requirements in the person specification. Applications (or any questions related to the role) should be sent to


RAs receive 50% off their rent in University accommodation. They also receive full training and support throughout the year and get some great experience to add to their CV.

“The best thing about being an RA is knowing where and how to signpost students who are struggling or may need help and do not know where to turn too. In my first year I witnessed a fair few students struggle to adapt to university life and I wanted to help them, but didn’t know how to do this myself. Now having completed the RA training I have put this to use during the first term, I feel that I have helped and it’s been really rewarding” – Amy (College Drive)


How many RAs does the University employ?

The University employ sixty RAs each year, which are split into teams of four, six or eight and live at each NTU halls of residence. However, larger residences such as New Hall and Peverell have teams of eight RAs due to the number of residents based there.

Each team consists of a Senior RA (SRA) and three standard RAs, with the SRA leading the team and managing the duty rota.

We also have a Head RA who oversees all Residence Assistants, working closely with the Accommodation team in managing and co-ordinating all aspects of the programme.

Where do RAs live?

RAs live together in designated RA flats within each residence. Where a team of four live within a flat of six for example, the additional students will be second, third year or Postgraduate students. RA’s will not live within first year flats.

Although we ask that applicants state their top three preference of halls, unfortunately there is no guarantee that we will be able to match these. When deciding where to place RAs, consideration is given to the qualities each individual will bring to the team, as well as hall availability.

Any returning students who have already secured a room at an NTU residence, but wishes to become an RA, will need to relocate to one of the designated RA rooms within the same or a different residence.

What is the RA Shift Pattern?

Throughout normal office hours the Residence staff and University are there to support residents. During the hours of 6pm and 8am, the out of hours’ residence staff work alongside the RA’s to deal with any issues that may occur.

RA shifts begins at 6pm and involves being proactive in promoting events/activities within the halls and carrying out welfare checks, between the hours of 6pm to 8pm. From 8pm and 8am the following morning, RA’s are required to be ‘on-call’ using the duty phone. RA’s must respond to calls for assistance by the out of hours’ staff during these hours and will need to be physically present at the residence during the entirety of their shift.

Typically with a team of four RA’s per residence, each RA will be on call one night a week (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday) and one weekend in every four (Friday 6pm to Monday 8am).


What additional duties does an RA have?

As part of the role, each RA is required to work at approximately seven University Open Days throughout the year, which are held between September and July, from the hours of 9am to 5pm.


What training will I receive?

RAs receive a comprehensive four-day (Monday – Thursday) training programme in mid-late September, before the new students arrive and welcome week commences.

The training programme covers aspects such as first aid, student wellbeing in halls, mental health training, communication and listening skills, events management, health promotion, enhancing the student experience and respect and consent as well as talks from the Student’s Union, Police and Fire Service.

All RA’s are invited to stay in one of our city residences during the training programme. This gives the RA’s a chance to meet their immediate team as well as teams from other residences.

If you would like any further information about the RA programme, either speak to the RA’s within your halls, or look out for our advertised information sessions, where you can have an informal chat with our Residence Life team.

Applications are now open for September 2019. Interviews will take place from February 2019 onwards until all RA places have been filled. Please email us to enquire about availability.

Tier 4 Applicants
Sadly, due to UKBA Visa working restrictions, we are unable to accept applications from Tier 4 Visa students. Although this is a volunteering role, the fact that RA’s receive 50% rent discount means the role fall within and exceeds the maximum hours Tier 4 students are able to work.

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