Your DLHE questions answered...

Not sure if you should complete the survey? Would you like to know more about how to respond?

Here are the answers to the main questions we are asked about completing the DLHE survey:

Do I need to complete the survey?

1. I have returned to do another course. Do I need to complete the survey?
Yes please. Although entitled ‘Destination of Leavers survey’ the questionnaire should be completed by all graduates – even if you have not left but are now on another course of study (such as moving from a Foundation degree to a Bachelor’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree to a Masters). We need to know the title of your new course and whether you are also employed. Information about postgraduates in part-time work, for example, is useful to organisations like the NUS and can help to shape education strategy nationally.

2. I didn’t complete my course and so never graduated. Should I still respond?
Yes, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) ask us to contact all leavers who have been awarded a qualification, even if that qualification was not their original one. Please tell us what your employment and study status was on the census date.

3. I was never planning to work. I am retired and only did the course because I was interested in the subject matter.
Yes, please still complete the survey and tick “something else” on Section A.

4. I’m only working part-time in a bar. You don’t need to know that do you?
Yes, please tell us about any employment or further study you were doing on the census date.

5. I was sent to complete a qualification by my employer as part of my work. Do I need to complete the survey?
Yes, please. HESA ask us to collect information about what people are doing after completing any qualification, even if this is the same as you were doing before starting the course.

6. I am a member of Nottingham Trent staff and have completed a qualification as part of my employment. Do I need to complete the survey?
Yes, please. HESA ask us to collect information on all people completing qualifications here. Your response would really help NTU, even if this is the same role as you were doing before starting the course.

7. I have completed a postgraduate course, but I only completed my undergraduate degree in the last year or two. Do I need to complete another form now?
Yes please. We would like to find out whether you have moved into employment or whether you have begun a new course of study.

8. I am still working in the same position I was before beginning my course. Do I need to complete the survey?
Yes, please. HESA ask us to collect information relating to what people are doing after completing any qualification, even if this is the same as you have been doing for several years.

9. I have secured a job, but it will not start until after the census date. Should I still fill in the form?
Yes please! If you are due to start a job within 4 weeks from the census date please complete Section A where there is an option for this. If you are not otherwise employed on the census date, you do not need to complete Section B . If your job does not start within one month of the census date, please let us know what you were doing on the census date instead.

10. I have a few interviews coming up. Can I complete the survey when I have secured a Graduate Level job?
You can complete the survey at any time during the collection period (November-March for the January census date and April-June for the April census date) however, we are interested in what you will be doing or were doing on the specific census date.

How should I complete the form?

11. I work full-time in a bar, and study for a Master’s degree part-time. Which should I say is most important?
If you are only working in the bar to support yourself whilst you complete your studies, then your degree would be your most important activity, as it will be relevant to your future career

12. Why do you need so much detail about my employment if I'm only working in a bar?
Whatever your role, clear detail about your job title and responsibilities will enable us to code it correctly to ensure the data we send back to HESA is as accurate as possible. Roles with supervisory or managerial responsibility are more likely to be coded as graduate level roles. You may have seen the Times League Table refers to “Graduate Level Roles” such as Managers, Directors and Senior Officials. This is coded according to the responses the graduates give. Other reports may look at graduate employment levels in certain sectors, or geographical locations which is why these questions are asked.

13. I have started my own wedding photography business, but I also need to work full-time in a supermarket to support myself whilst the business grows and develops. Which job should I tell you about?
If your self-employment as a photographer is the activity that is most important to you, then it would be appropriate to tell us about this in section B of the survey, even if you spend more time on, and earn more money from your supermarket work.

14. I offer voluntary legal advice at my local CAB. Do I need to tell you about this?
We are interested in finding out about any work you are doing, even if this is unpaid. If you feel this work is your most important activity, as it is relevant to your on-going career plan then please tell us about it rather than other , less important jobs you may have.

15. I work as a Freelance journalist, but I don’t get enough work to support myself at the moment, so I have to work behind a bar as well. Which job should I tell you about?
If you were working as a journalist on the survey reference date, and this is the activity that is most important to you, then this is what you should tell us about.

16. I am developing a professional portfolio at the moment. How do I tell you about it?
Developing a professional portfolio is classified as employment on the survey. Please tick this option and tell us as much as you can about what you are doing.

17. I didn't do Teacher Training this time around but I have a teaching qualification from the past. Should I complete Section C?
No thanks, this section is for recently qualified QTS Graduates only and should not be completed by other Graduates.

18. Why are you asking for salary information?
HESA requires this information to help inform potential students about their degree choices. All information you give to us on the survey is confidential and will not be attributable to you in any way when shared with HESA. Gathering this information from as many of our graduates as possible helps NTU present accurate salary information within each section of the 'key information' sets. If insufficient salary data is collected to provide a significantly robust sample size, data is aggregated at course or subject level over a longer period of time. More details on salary from HEFCE.

19. Why do you need my employer postcode? Are you going to contact my employer?
HESA provides the results of this survey to a variety of government agencies. Employer postcodes would be used to show geographical areas where graduates are employed and to measure the effect of graduates on local economies.

Do you have further questions?

If you have any questions or queries regarding the completion of the survey, please contact us either by email, by phone on +44 (0)115 848 8646 or call in person to our Employability Centres at City, Clifton or Brackenhurst.