Technology and teaching spaces


NTU have entered into a Preferred Partnership Deal through a team of vendors who will provide the University with a range of services:

  • HP supplies us with audio/visual and computer equipment.
  • Cisco provides us with telephone and other communication solutions.

These services are supplemented with onsite support to ensure the smooth roll-out of new equipment. They also ensure that we provide a speedy response to any incidents affecting equipment. DTP and Logicali provide these services.

The benefits of the Preferred Partnership Deal are as follows:

  • We are able to obtain quotes more quickly and effectively.
  • Better pricing enables us to save on purchasing costs.
  • We have more effective and faster onsite dedicated support.

Teaching spaces

Creating the right teaching and learning environment is a priority at NTU. A key component of the employability of NTU graduates is that they have experience of the latest industry standard technologies and applications for their future profession. IS provides the infrastructure to support this technology.

The IT equipment in teaching and learning spaces is typically never more than three years old. In some areas, specialist equipment is replaced more frequently. Secure wireless services are available for students and staff in all buildings.

Academic staff can expect audio visual equipment in teaching rooms and lecture theatres to enable their professional delivery.

Network hubs
NTU student resource room