New starters

All users at the University need to have an NTU account, that's a username and password, to be able to access the IT facilities available.
There is now a new simpler way to request an account for a new users or Sponsored Account.

How do I request a new NTU account?

  • Student accounts are created as soon as the enrolment process begins. Help and support is provided throughout this process both by the Library Customer Services Team and by Registry.
  • New staff, both permanent and temporary who are registered with HR will automatically have a username and password created for them. Access to these services are dependent on accepting NTU T&Cs at first log in.
  • Sponsored Accounts for people who don't have a record with HR for example. Visitor’s that require a username and password, have to be sponsored by a line manager in the department requesting the account. The sponsor is required to specify how long the account is required by completing an online form here.

Please see the support forms for more information.

Getting up and running

Once you have received your username and password and accepted the University Terms and conditions , you will be able to log on to the NTU Computer Network. We recommend you reset your password to something more memorable.

When getting up and running it is important that you:

  • set up your email account
  • gain access to printer queues and network shared areas
  • personalise your voicemail.

You will find all the information you need to do this in our Getting up and running user guide.

You will also need to be aware of our computer use regulations. PDF icon

You can access your NTU email, Shared and Personal Drives from home or any location with an Internet connection. Please see NTU@Home for guides.

You can update your location details.

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