PC energy savings

Energy saving policy for the University's networked computers

The University has introducing an energy saving policy that involves placing computers into a low energy standby state after periods of inactivity. All networked computers are included in the policy.

Staff PCs and IT resource rooms will enter a standby state after the period of inactivity shown below.

Energy saving information
 TimeSchemePC standby after (minutes)Monitor standby after  (minutes)
Student6 amDay3020
5.30 pmEvening3010
9 pmNight155
Staff6 amDay6020
5.30 pmEvening3010
9 pmNight155

If you are aware of computers that may need to be considered for exclusion from this energy saving policy, or your own computer, then please provide justification detailing the reasons in the computer energy saving form PDF icon and return it to the ITS Service Desk.

If your computer does go into a low energy standby state, you should find all your open documents and files ready to use when the computer is powered back on.

We have also provided a list of frequently asked questions PDF icon regarding this policy.

For more information on this energy saving policy, please visit Ecoweb.