NTUanywhere is a remote access service that allows you to securely connect from your device to NTU from anywhere. The service enables remote working and accessing NTU resources whilst on the move.

The service enables you to securely access your email, home directory, soft phone, file shares, and access your NTU PC (when enabled) as well as pre-defined NTU and custom enabled web bookmarks. Many different types of devices can connect to the service such as:

  • PCs and Laptops running Windows, MAC OS X or Linux Operating Systems
  • Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and Blackberry phones

For further information please read What is it and how can I use it ?

1. NTU staff and students

This service is available to all NTU users. You will be presented with bookmarks to various applications. Some of these will be generic to all users such as Outlook Web Access whilst others might be specific to your College, School or department. Ideal for access from a public PC say in a Cyber Café or if you just want access to the provided bookmarks.

2. NTU staff only

This service is available to staff only and provides enhanced functionality. Using an additional component called Network Connect or Junos Pulse, you will have full network access to NTU resources and be able to use a soft phone, access file shares and your NTU PC. This truly brings the office to your remote device.

Configuring NTUanywhere for your device

These user guides will help you configure your device to use NTUanywhere.

Using NTUanywhere on Windows
Using NTUanywhere on OS X MAC
Using NTUanywhere on Apple iOS – iPad, iPhone, iPod
Using NTUanywhere on Android devices

3. Security Requirements

Security Requirements shows software requirements you might need to access NTUanywhere.

4. Supporting documents

Support matrix detailing supported devices, operating systems and browsers.

NTU Remote Access Policy

Updating Bookmarks to Shared Drives through NTUanywhere

If you need to update the links to shared folders (bookmarked network drives) you regularly use through NTUanywhere, then the Updating your bookmarks to shared drives userguide will show you how.

If you have an enquiry, please contact us.


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