Printing and copying

What's available?

The copiers are multi-functional so you will be able to:

  • send jobs to print
  • copy or scan documents
  • use the terminals next to each copier or printer to release your job.

As all units are networked, it will be possible for you to scan your documents and then have them sent via email.

The card readers are really easy to use. They can be operated by your swipe card (using your NTU Smart Card). This will enable you to log on and release your pending jobs.

To encourage the University to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach, Duplex will most likely be a default setting as well as collation. There will be no limit on the amount you can print or copy, although your department will receive usage statistics for accounting purposes.

The new HP multi-function printers will order their own toner, but you will need to inform IS if any machine runs out of staples.

If you require replacement printer toner submit a request.


HP MFP Display
HP MFP Card Reader