Multifunctional devices

Working closely with our IT partner, DTP, we are in the process of upgrading our existing fleet of digital printer copiers to HP Multi-functional printers.

The new HP MFPs (Multi-functional printers) print, copy and scan all in a single device. This will help the University to reduce its impact on the environment reducing electricity and our carbon emissions.

Another benefit is that the new devices will auto order their own toners, well before the device runs out and with guaranteed next day delivery, we should always have the items on site and ready to be installed.

The devices also use intelligent pricing. If your nearest MFP is a colour device and you want to mostly print mono, the device will only charge you at the appropriate page price for the document. This means that if you are printing a ten-page document to a colour device and only five pages are in colour, the system will now only charge you for the five pages of colour and five pages of mono. To save costs, you will also find that when you use the device as a copier it will default to mono even if you have colour on the page, although you are given the option to change this to full colour if you want to. There will be four new types of MFP's:

  • HP CM6040f
  • HP M5035xs
  • HP M5035x (DDA Version)
  • HP M9050.
Types of Multi-functional printers
 HP M4345xsHP M5035xsHP CM6040fHP M9050
HP M4345xs printerHP M5035xs printerHP CM6040f printerHP M9050 printer
Speed45 PPM35 PPM41 PPM40 PPM
PaperA4A4 & A3A4 & A3A4 & A3
Max paper weight120g120g200g200g
OptionsN/AN/AN/AStacker finisher
E.g. Queue name###-A4-MFP###-MFP###COL-MFP###-MFP

After the initial implementation phase, further improvements will be made to the service and we will be introducing a facility that will create one single mono and one colour print queue for each building. This will enable you to print from your computer and release and collect the work from any relevant device within that building.

For more information about the printers and the improvements to the features and functionality, please read our self-help user guide: HP MFP copying, scanning and print release instructions.PDF icon

You may also find this HP MFP location listPDF icon useful.