Teaching and resource areas

Resource rooms

We deliver networked services to all of the IT resource rooms at each campus, complete with the core software required by students and staff.

Some of the resource rooms are open access, which means that they are not booked for teaching. We also provide resource rooms that are open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. First line support for these rooms is provided by the library.

Some resource rooms are booked for class sessions, but most of these can be used by anyone if they have not previously been booked. A timetable is usually posted near the room, so you can see when it's available.

Specific resource rooms are also provided for particular areas of study, complete with specialist equipment and software. Support for these rooms is usually provided by subject specialist technicians.

Teaching spaces

We provide AV equipment and support to the whole University, although mainly in general purpose teaching areas, lecture theatres, conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms.

Students working in library resource room