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Focus was printed in 1935 in four parts for distribution among friends, such as Robert Graves, James Reeves, Honor Wyatt, Karl Goldschmidt and others, centring on those friends in Riding's circle. It is thought only around twenty-five copies were published, each ranging in length between fourteen and thirty-five pages, and was unbound, hence its rarity. This is the first time it has been made available to the public.
A description of Focus initialled 'L.R.' is to be found in the Berg Collection of John Aldridge papers (acknowledgements to Dr. John Nolan):

A focus ‘is a point from which any activity (such as disease or an earthquake wave) originates. At any rate, a point at which forces meet. You know how we speak of things being “in focus”. My idea is, then, that we should put ourselves in FOCUS….’

The Person I Am, Laura (Riding) Jackson, Volumes I and II, edited by John Nolan and Carroll Ann Friedmann. Trent Editions, October 2011. Literary memoirs by Laura (Riding) Jackson, written between 1972 and her death in 1991, with commentaries on those she had personal working relations with, such as the Fugitives, Robert Graves, Jacob Brownowski, Norman Cameron and others of the 1920-1930s and beyond, to those who impinged closely upon her work such as W. H. Auden, W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, plus her views on various modernist critics.

A Mannered Grace
The authorised biography.
Beautifully written, fair-minded, and compassionate, A Mannered Grace portrays a complex woman of rare intelligence and allows for a reassessment of her remarkable achievement. Elizabeth Friedmann was a close friend of Laura (Riding) Jackson and was given access to all her papers.

Anarchism Is Not Enough
A variety of writings and essays on the nature of poetry and the poet, first published in 1928.

Progress Of Stories
As the title tells, this is a progression of stories, beginning with the ordinary and everyday stories of lives and gradually accumulating into the profound. First published in 1935.

A Selection of the Poems of Laura Riding
A personal selection from Laura Riding's poems edited by the poet Robert Nye.

Essays from Epilogue 1935-1937 
By Laura Riding and Robert Graves. 
Epilogue was an annual hard-back periodical. It offers a unique insight into each of the authors' work as well as their method of collaboration.

The Close Chaplet
Published in 1926 by The Hogarth Press, this is a complete facsimile in PDF format of the poet's brilliant first collection of poems.

A list of rare books, broadsides, audio cassettes, pamphlets and personal memorabilia
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Laura (Riding) Jackson

The Person I Am
A Mannered Grace
The Failure of Poetry, The Promise of Language
Anarchism Is Not Enough
Essays from Epilogue
First Awakenings
Four Unposted Letters To Catherine
Progress of Stories
Rational Meaning
The Laura (Riding) Jackson Reader
The Poems of Laura Riding
A Selection of the Poems of Laura Riding
The Telling
The Word Woman
Under The Mind's Watch
Sample Letters of Laura (Riding) Jackson
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