Getting started

To use any of the University PCs, you need your NTU username and password. Your username is printed on your University Smartcard (e.g. N0123456) and you can get or reset your password on the student intranet.

Keep your password in a safe place, do not reveal it to anyone or write down your username and password in the same place.  This will prevent others making use of it in your name.

You will be prompted to change your password every 90 days under the NTU Password Policy.

Logging on… and off

When logging on ensure that your username is entered correctly, your password is typed in CAPITALS and that you log on to ADS. When you have finished using a PC, remember to log off to prevent others from using your username, printing / photocopying credit and personal server space.

Computer Use Regulations

All students and staff who use the University's IT services and facilities are bound by the  Computer Use Regulations PDF icon . It is important you read and understand them.

You must not use another person's username and password, even if he / she makes them available to you, or allow other individuals, whether members of the University or not, to access University computer systems using your username and password.


To access your email, login to NOW as normal and click on the link in the top toolbar.

Your email username will be your regular NTU username followed by the email domain e.g.

Your password is your NTU password (see above).

Your email address is: e.g. 

To synch an Android device with your NTU email please refer to the online guidance, or ask at the Information Desk within the library.

File storage

It is good practice to save work at regular intervals and make back-up copies on more than one storage device.

We recommend that you save your work to your A:drive, your secure personal file space on OneDrive where you can save and open files and which can also be accessed from anywhere you have Internet access for the duration of your course. More information on accessing your A:drive / OneDrive from on or off campus can be found here

You can also use a USB pen as a portable, back-up device, but this should not be the only place that you save your work as USB pens can be easily lost or damaged. 

USB pens can be purchased from the Information Desk in the library.

Wireless network

The NTU wireless network is available to NTU students and staff across all three campuses. 

To connect to the wireless network please refer to the online guidance, or you can ask at the Information Desk within the library for more information.

Boots Library, Level 0, female students using laptops