Health and safety

Advice for PC users

  • Make sure your chair has a height and back adjuster and that you have adjusted it correctly.
  • Clean dust and marks from your computer screen. Screen wipes are available from the Information Desk in the library.
  • Adjust your screen so that it is free from reflective glare.
  • Do a different activity for 5-10 minutes every hour, like looking out of the window. This makes sure your eyes focus on different distances.
  • Do not use a PC continuously for more than 90 minutes without a break.

Advice for prolonged laptop use

  • Vary your position on a regular basis and take frequent breaks.
  • Try not to sit forward in a hunched up position.
  • Wherever possible, use your laptop on a desk or table with an adjustable chair.
  • Your forearms should be roughly horizontal when your hands are on the keyboard, avoid any awkward bending of the wrists.
  • Although laptops come equipped with an integral mouse, for prolonged usage it is best practice to use a separate mouse.
  • If you are using your laptop mouse don't screw up your fingers into a claw position or hold them in the air. You should keep your hands flat and your fingers relaxed.
  • Keep your laptop screen clean at all times and avoid glare and reflections on the screen.

Portable appliance testing

Our health and safety regulations state that all electrical equipment must be tested before you plug it into our power supply. To find out how to get your laptop tested please ask at the Information Desk in the library.

Please avoid trailing cables when you plug your laptop into our power supply. If you are causing a trip hazard our staff will ask you to run your laptop from its batteries or relocate to another seat.

Clifton Library, Level 0 students using the break out area