Study environment

Extended Library Study Lounges

In addition to the study spaces available within the libraries, there are a number of Extended Library Study Lounges across the City and Clifton campuses. Supported by the Library, the lounges provide study and IT facilities.

Studying within the Library

How do you want to study?

There are various zones in the libraries to provide a choice of study environments to suit your needs.

Green GROUP STUDY zone – Discuss, collaborate, study with others

If you want to study as a group, these are the zones for you. There are open plan group study areas at all three libraries, complete with study tables, PCs and power sockets for laptops. Look out for the green banners that indicate that an area is a group zone.  

In addition, you can book a Group Study Room and at Boots, a group study table, for up to two hours per day per group using our online booking service.

Amber QUIET STUDY zone – Study with quiet conversations

We have designed these zones for quiet, individual study at tables, but you can have brief quiet conversations with other students in these areas. Some of the tables have power sockets for laptops and PCs. Look out for the amber banners that indicate that an area is a quiet zone.

Red SILENT STUDY zone – Turn off from distractions and work in silence

If you prefer silent, individual study, then the silent zones are for you. Here you will find study tables, some with power sockets for laptops and PCs. Look out for the red banners that indicate that an area is a silent zone.

Taught Postgraduate area

There is a designated study area for Taught Postgraduate students within Boots Library.

Located on Level 3, the area provides nearly 100 group and individual study spaces. The group study spaces can be booked online.

Our expectations

Please help us to maintain an environment in which you and other students can learn and study.

  • Remember that the library is primarily a place to study. Make sure that you are not disturbing other people by talking loudly. Please put your mobile phone on silent.
  • Soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee, are fine as long as they are in non-spill containers.
  • We also allow you to bring in cold snacks.
  • Litter is unpleasant, so respect your library and other people by clearing away your rubbish. Recycle your waste where possible, using the bins provided.
  • Treat fellow library users and library staff with courtesy, respect and consideration at all times.

Freeing up study spaces 

Study and PC space is in very high demand and you have told us that it's unfair of students to leave their belongings on PCs and desks and then disappear for hours, meaning that the space can't be used by others. We agree so we've worked with NTSU and others and as a result:

  • PCs will automatically log out if not used for one hour so other students can use them.
  • Belongings that have been left unattended for one hour will be removed so other students can use the study space.

Don't risk losing your worklog out and free up the study space or it will be done for you.

We'd rather not have to, but if we feel you are not behaving in a considerate way, we may ask you to leave the library. You may also be liable to further action under the NTU's disciplinary procedures.


Boots Library Level 2. Male students studying
Brackenhurst Library. Female Student using PC
Clifton Library, Level 0, female students using banquette