Academic departments

Our academic provision is made up of five academic departments, each offering a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses.

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Accounting and Finance

  • The Accounting and Finance Department is the second largest within Nottingham Business School and offers a vibrant and challenging environment for students and staff.

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  • The Economics Department of Nottingham Business School offers a distinctive range of courses, applicable research and potential to engage in collaborative activities with a wide variety of organisations.

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Human Resource Management

  • The Human Resource Management Department is one of the largest divisions of HRM in the UK and is responsible for teaching and research in organisational behaviour and human resource management.

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  • The Department of Management enjoys an international reputation for research and teaching excellence in its core areas. This is enhanced by its strong links with leading corporate and academic partners worldwide.
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  • The Department of Marketing is a vibrant and constantly evolving part of Nottingham Business School that comprises over 20 permanent staff with disciplines covering the broad areas of marketing, retail and operations management.