Mission and vision

Our School mission is:

"To provide education and research that combines academic excellence with impact upon business and society".

Our mission emphasises our central commitment to creating, advancing and disseminating business relevant knowledge with application and utility. Knowledge is shared through a mix of teaching and scholarship and is directed towards learner, scholarly and practitioner communities. Practitioner communities include those that are directly engaged in business activity (in its widest sense) and those associated with public policy-making of consequence to business firms and markets. Underpinning the mission is a view of business as a vehicle for wealth creation and as a force for economic and social betterment. By helping to shape and develop business practice and talent, and by emphasising the 'social contract' that exists between business and the communities in which it takes place, we effect not only change in commercial life but also within wider society. This School-based mission links directly to the mission of Nottingham Trent University and its emphasis on "shaping lives and society."

Building on this proximity to the business community and existing collaborations, it is the ambition of the School to achieve recognition for the comprehensive nature and effectiveness of our engagements with industry and their contribution to a record of teaching and research excellence. In what would amount to a 'twin test', this recognition should come from practitioner and academic constituencies with primary reference to those areas of teaching and scholarship where the School can claim to be a leading or emerging force.

We distil this ambition into our core vision:

"To be recognised internationally as one of the UK's leading business schools for business impact and engagement".

"Be the top UK business school for personalised experiential learning".

"Be amongst the UK 's leading schools of business by ranking (Top 25)". 

Such status and recognition will be a direct result of:

  • the depth and breadth of our engagements with business and industry
  • the role and contribution of those links in advancing our teaching and research practice
  • routine engagement with industry in the design and delivery of our programmes
  • a pedagogical approach ('engaged learning') based on active learning and the integration of theory and practice
  • learning and development pathways that deliver real world business experience
  • above sector performance for student placements and work-based learning
  • above sector performance for graduate placement and employability
  • a national leadership position in corporate and in-company education at undergraduate level
  • accreditation from multiple professional bodies for programmes geared to professional standards
  • developed links with business confederations and policy units central to the business landscape
  • research and scholarship that is valued and adopted by business and related policy communities
  • a strategic emphasis on responsible management education and research that places business at the heart of society.