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At Nottingham Business School your organisation can collaborate with students and tap in to their research and consultancy expertise.

If you have a business research question or strategic issue that could benefit from some fresh thinking, NBS offers the chance for you to explore it, at no cost, via:

MSc and MBA Student Consultancy Projects

Postgraduate students from Nottingham Business School can tackle a wide range of real-life business projects as part of their studies. If you have a business challenge, or piece of research you need to do and require some fresh thinking, our highly motivated students may be able to help resolve it. You would in turn be of assistance to their learning by helping them practice valuable business skills. A project usually lasts about six to eight weeks, enough time to get some really in-depth analysis for your company.


The projects offer our postgraduate students a valuable chance to put theory in to practice while working on a real business challenge.

Your idea or project challenge is turned in to a brief by dedicated NBS staff. It is assigned to a team of (usually five) students to tackle as an assessed part of their masters level degree. The student team effectively work on your challenge as unpaid consultants, undertaking the brief with academic guidance over the course of 5-6 weeks. In some cases organisations work with an individual student instead of a team, and these students work in-company rather than remotely.

At the end of the project the students deliver a verbal presentation to you, followed by a written report outlining their research findings and recommendations.

For NBS the nature of the project challenge is more important than the size of company or industry that pitches it. Experiential learning projects are a popular option for students and are offered on most of NBS’s master level degrees. With its broad range of postgraduate programmes available, the types of business challenge our students can tackle is equally diverse. No two briefs are the same and each is developed according to the organisations’ needs. However, typically, challenges often touch on one or more of the following areas:

  • Marketing, branding, and reputation questions, including consumer thinking and customer engagement
  • Communication issues, including examining digital marketing and social media strategies
  • Competitor and industry analysis
  • Market analysis, including international markets
  • Researching economic data, cost benefit analysis, and socio-economic profiling
  • Examining management operations, tools, and planning, including use of technology and other resources as part of business strategy
  • Recommending enhancements in staff training, recruitment, and staff development and engagement initiatives
  • Financial reports and analysis to aid decision making, including for new products and services
  • Complex issues around organisational change
  • Any business issue that involves research, and some analysis and thought.

These projects form an assessed part of the students’ study and therefore there is no fee to be involved.

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To learn more about these projects, and to discuss your project idea or challenge, contact:

Angela Scott, Experiential Learning Coordinator – Postgraduate Programmes, telephone: 0115 848 3888, email:

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