Executive Development

At Nottingham Business School (NBS), our teaching and research combines academic excellence with a powerful and positive impact on business and society. Everybody’s ambitions are different, and we are here to help to give you the skills, strategies and experience to take your career in whatever direction you choose.

We are known internationally as one of the UK’s top business schools providing education and research in business, management and economics that combines academic excellence with impact on business and society. We are a market leader in educational intervention, integrated executive and management education, short courses and services, for business and public-sector organisations alike.

Professional Programmes  

If you are an employer looking for a course for your employees, or an individual investing in your own personal development, we offer a diverse range of courses and pathways of study and development.

Short Courses

We offer a variety of short courses tailored to the increasing demand of the business world.
Whether you are looking to develop yourself, your employees or grow your business we have a variety of courses to suit your needs around a busy working schedule.

In-Company development

The delivery of our in-company courses provide invaluable investment in your organisation's future and are designed so that your business needs and development aspirations are successfully matched. We ensure our courses are vocationally oriented, providing skills and experience that are relevant.

Bespoke training can be tailored to a particular organisation or business sector and can be designed specifically to develop:

  • senior management
  • high potential individuals
  • new entrant/early career managers.
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