Transnational education

Here at Nottingham Business School we offer a range of dual and joint degrees, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, which are delivered in partnership with a variety of international partners.

Joint and dual degree awards are a powerful tool for enhancing the School's international reputation and profile. The development of such projects is a set aim for the School and an area of ongoing investment.

What are the benefits of studying a dual or joint degree?

By studying on a joint or dual degree your study experience will have an international element. In an increasingly global world, future leaders and managers will need to be internationally aware and inter-culturally effective. An international study experience in another country can give you a head-start in developing these skills and will demonstrate to future employers that you are a confident, adaptable individual, willing to experience new challenges and learn new things.

Dual degrees
Studying on a dual degree means that you will graduate with two qualifications, one from Nottingham Business School and one from the international partner institution you choose to study at. These courses tend to be longer in length (four years for an undergraduate course and 15 months for a full-time Masters), so that the necessary modules can be completed to achieve both awards.

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Joint degrees
A joint degree is a single award that is delivered together with a partner institution. This means the student will graduate with their degree and invaluable international experience. Here at Nottingham Business School, we currently work with a range of partners to deliver postgraduate courses to incoming international students. 

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MSc Joint Honours students
MSc Joint Honours students
MSc Joint Honours students