Welcome to the NBS MBA – an intensive and distinctive international education experience

Our outstanding MBA and EMBA courses offer you a truly life-changing experience and an exceptional opportunity to realise your full potential. You'll develop the skills, knowledge and experience you need to drive real, lasting change, carving out an extraordinary leadership career based on responsible, sustainable, and innovative business principles.

We are internationally renowned as one of the top business schools in the UK for experiential and personalised learning, providing high-quality education and rigorous research that has a powerful, positive impact on careers, organisations, and the global community.

We are proud to have created a unique programme, which blends a focus on responsible, sustainable leadership, significant real-world experience, and the freedom to specialise with a personalised pathway in finance, global supply chain management or digital marketing; or to follow the EMBA route and explore the theory of constraints. This is all delivered in a world-class learning environment by internationally acclaimed academics and business leaders. It integrates theory and practice to bring you hands-on experience, inspiring teaching, and a clear international perspective. 

At every stage, your MBA and EMBA is informed by the real-world needs of the global business community, thanks to over 900 connections with progressive, proactive organisations worldwide. The insights, expertise, and placement opportunities they provide all help to make sure our graduates forge exceptional careers, all over the world. We very much hope you'll join them.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the NBS MBA and EMBA.


Paul Caulfield 

Paul Caulfield

MBA Programmes Leader



Paul Caulfield