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Not every law student wants to become a solicitor, barrister, legal executive, or professional paralegal. Instead you may want to use your Law degree to enter the broader graduate job market, and have identified the career that will best suit your skills, experiences and knowledge.

Besides the legal profession, Law graduates can consider a wide range of careers that are law-related, including:

  • law and the community (for example, the police, prison service, probation service, social work and trading standards)
  • law and the individual (for example, patent agency and estate agency work)
  • law and employment (for example, human resource management, and retail management)
  • law and finance (for example, accountancy, banking, revenue and customs, insurance, and tax consultancy)
  • law and client / customer service (for example, legal publishing, legal recruitment consultancy, management consultancy, and retail management).

There are also other careers in the broader graduate job market, whether in:

  • the public sector (for example, the Civil Service, Local Government, NHS management)
  • commerce and industry (for example, general management, marketing, public relations, and sales).

The next question is - where to find those jobs? The good news is that there are many sources and you should use as many as are relevant and useful to maximise your chances of being successful.

Some of the most useful resources include:

Other useful resources

  • Graduate Recruitment Fairs: these take place at universities around the country; full details are available on the Prospects website.
  • Recruitment Agencies Agency Central is well worth using to identify suitable agencies and graduate opportunities.
  • Newspapers: use the paperboy website for details of local, national, and international newspapers.
  • Professional organisations: some produce their own vacancy lists, and details are also available on the prospects website.

The careers service can also help students seeking graduate careers outside the legal profession by offering the following support:

  • The University's Career Development Centre advertises a wide range of local, regional, national and international graduate jobs.
  • The Careers Consultant allocated to your course will provide you with professional and expert support, information, advice and guidance on general graduate careers.
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