Industry placements

We have an excellent reputation for innovative measures to enhance the employability of our students. The School is building on this record of excellence through the development and promotion of work-based learning, an initiative that benefits both students and businesses alike.

Placement students have a lot to offer businesses and can be a great asset to your organisation. Our students can bring fresh ideas and varying degrees of experience to the position. They are aware of up-to-date academic developments that they can implement in your workplace, given the opportunity. Our international students can also bring language and culture expertise to your business.

Offering a placement is an opportunity to ‘trial’ future employees and see if they’ll fit in. It’s the perfect way to assess potential recruits for your firm’s future needs, before making a long-term commitment.

Industry links with the UK and abroad

Here are just a few of the companies that support our scheme:

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Placements team

Our dedicated team facilitates the placement of students, offering assistance to both the student and the placement company.

Contact us to find out how you can become a placement partner.

Two students in a workplace