NTU have received funding from The Royal Society of Chemistry for a project which aims to increase pupils' interest and participation in chemistry. The funding will explore and overcome the barriers faced by young people who wouldn't typically consider studying chemistry, or in higher education.

CHEMWORKS will deliver creative and exciting chemistry-based activities to inspire young people to study the chemistry at university. The initiative will help teachers deliver high quality chemistry and science lessons and focus on creative approaches to learning.

NTU staff will be working with partners across the city, including Nottingham City Council, creative learning agency Ignite! and ambassadors from the STEMNET programme. They will work with pupils from six Nottinghamshire schools over the next five years.

Dr Karen Moss, Director of the Centre for Effective Learning in Science at NTU, said: "Some pupils have never met a chemist and know very little about what options chemistry can offer them, so we will be helping them to make informed choices about chemistry and related careers."

The CHEMWORKS project is a key component of the City's STEMWORKS programme.

CHEMWORKS in local schools

Each term we produce a CHEMWORKS newsletter which will not only give you an insight into the programme, but also keep you up-to-date with new activities and give schools a chance to learn from each other. You can download copies of the newsletter below:

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