Funding your work placement
If you take a year-long work placement you will receive a salary. This can be between £12,000 to £30,000 depending on your role. Before you apply for a placement you should think about the salary you'll need to support yourself. This could vary depending on lots of things, including where you live.

The good news is that many students tell us that their year-long work placement gives them the opportunity to save extra money to help out in their final year back at university!

Internships and vacancy work
Taking an internship with an organisation or cause that you're passionate about can be a really rewarding experience, but if the internship is unpaid you will need to think carefully about how you will support yourself, especially if you will be living and working away from home. It can be a good idea to split your year-long work placement into one or more smaller placements, paid and unpaid, so that you can save money from your paid placement to help support yourself during your internship. 

Some employers offer free accommodation and travel expenses as part of the internship, so your expenditure could actually be relatively low. 

Look out for vacation work schemes offered by graduate recruiters in the graduate press, on the Prospects website and on the NTU Employability vacancies website.

Working abroad
If you will be taking your work placement in another country, make sure you think about the practicalities, such as paying for your overseas travel and making any visa arrangements if necessary. Comprehensive health and travel insurance is essential!

Funding your international placement
NTU can help you access funding programmes and exchange opportunities that will enable you to realise your international ambitions at very little cost. Examples of available funding include:

  • University exchange programme - take a year of study with one of our international partner Universities
  • Erasmus Mobility grants - students considering placements of three months or more in the EU, Switzerland and Turkey as well as other associated countries may be eligible for an Erasmus Mobility grant towards travel and living expenses
  • Generation UK-China Initiative - a funding scheme offered by the British Council to support students going on placement in China
  • IST Plus - funding and opportunities for work placements outside Europe.
  • Global Voices Summer Travel Award - Year two Science and Technology students are invited to apply for an award to cover the costs of taking part in global learning initiatives including volunteering and research abroad.

For support with your international work placement, visit the NTU Global Lounge