Imaging and Displays Research Facility

Imaging and Displays Research Facility

Opened in 2006 this facility houses world-class laser processing equipment, a class 100 clean-room and X-ray security imaging and complements liquid crystals, optical imaging and magnetic imaging research in the Natural Sciences Research Facility.

The premises are used to support the Imaging and Displays Research Group as well as commercial services for industry. The team also carries out laser processing and surface metrology for external clients. Please visit our Scientific Services to Industry specialist centre for more information.

In addition to facilities for X-ray security imaging and electroluminescent displays, extensive facilities for liquid crystal displays and medical and materials imaging are available, including:

  • polarising microscopy
  • Mach-Zehnder interferometry
  • optical coherence tomography
  • remote hyperspectral imaging
  • unilateral magnetic resonance imaging
  • electron and confocal fluorescence microscopy and;
  • a 2.35T Bruker Biospec MRI Scanner.

The Imaging and Displays Research Facility is located in the Erasmus Darwin building on Clifton campus.