Clifton Campus has seen many millions of pounds of investment in the last five years, making it the inspiring place to study it is today. But we're not stopping there – we are investing £50 million in science before 2020. 


Rosalind Franklin Building

Opened in 2012 this hi spec multi-million pound science lab supports chemistry and bioscience teaching and research.

Crime Scene Training Facility

This on-site facility is used as a training site for students and professionals for forensic analysis and training.

Environmental Chamber

Approved by the British Olympic Association, the chamber enables control of environmental variables to be matched with anywhere on the planet.

Imaging and Displays Research Facility

The facility houses world-class laser processing equipment, a class 100 clean-room and X-ray security imaging and complements liquid crystals, optical imaging and magnetic imaging research.

Natural Sciences Research Facility

The facility supports and enhances the School’s research in physics, biosciences, chemistry, imaging, materials and sport.

Trent Astronomical Observatory

This rare and unique resource has an impressive five metre diameter revolving dome structure housing the 20 foot modified Newtonian and a 14 foot Meade LX200 telescope.