Tailored courses, research, evaluation and consultancy

The School of Social Sciences is at the forefront of shaping knowledge, policy and practice in partnership with public, voluntary and private sector organisations. 

Tapping into our expert support and cutting-edge thinking offers the opportunity for you to:

  • improve the performance of your organisation
  • improve the performance of your teams
  • innovate in your field
  • stand out from the competition
  • support policy through evidence-based research.

We can:

  • provide the right people at the right time for the right job
  • provide focused, targeted, efficient research with clearly defined outcomes
  • provide information and guidance for informed decision making
  • identify your challenges and the solutions
  • work with you to develop tailored training
  • collaborate in bid writing to funding agencies.

Our relevant courses

Social sciences encompass a range of subjects relating to the behaviour and welfare of groups and individuals. Directly relevant to a huge number of organisations, they have the power to shape policies, training and direction.

Strong partnerships 

By sharing our expertise, we have formed strong working relationships with public sector organisations such as the NHS, national Connexions services and voluntary bodies. We also work with commercial organisations in areas such as health and safety, gambling and addiction, product development and product placement.

  • Nottingham Citizens
    Nottingham Trent University is a member of Nottingham Citizens, an alliance of over 40 diverse organisations which seeks to identify and help respond to some of the county’s most pressing challenges.
    Read more.
  • The Early Interventions City
    The School of Social Sciences is proud to be a partner in Nottingham’s mission to prioritise 'early intervention, pre-emption and prevention' across its services for children, young people, families and communities.
    Read more.

For further information about our partnership work please contact us.


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