Confetti Media Group

Confetti Media Group

Building on an already-close collaborative relationship, Nottingham Trent University has acquired the Confetti Media Group (CMG).

The move was the next logical step in a long-standing partnership between the two organisations, who are both involved in the groundbreaking joint venture Notts TV. Bringing together the two companies, with their aligned ambitions and skills sets, is enhancing the student experience and creating a new talent stream in the region.

Based in Nottingham's Creative Quarter, Confetti offers further and higher education to students in the fields of music, production, TV, gaming and live events. Now, as part of Nottingham Trent University, it is substantially extending its higher education provision by offering both Foundation level and top-up degree courses backed by NTU.

Students can now make the easy transition from a foundation course to a full degree without leaving the area, helping to retain top talent in the region.

The venture has further aligned the two organisations, creating a strong talent pipeline between them, with broadcast journalism students at NTU offered valuable work experience placements with Confetti.

The Confetti brand is part of the overall Confetti Media Group, which consists of four other offshoot businesses. These are all offering practical work experience opportunities to NTU students and tapping into their talent when they graduate.

One of the businesses, Constellation furniture, has provided on-the-job placements for Product Design students, with many NTU graduates now employed there. CMG's record label Denizen and Spool Films are also widening opportunities in the creative industries for NTU students. Access to state-of-the-art facilities, hi tech equipment and experienced teams are both enhancing the student experience and increasing their employability prospects when they graduate.

The fifth strand of CMG, Antenna Media Centre, complements NTU's existing start-up hub The Hive, offering incubators, facilities and equipment to new businesses in the region.

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