Dignity and respect

Dignity and respect

A new framework to demonstrate Nottingham Trent University's commitment to dignity, respect and consent has been set up.

The Respect and Consent Framework has been developed by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team, Student Support Services and the Students' Union in response to the wider national and sector challenges around 'lad culture', respect, consent and sexual violence. In September 2015, the Consent is Everything campaign was launched as an arm of the overarching Respect at NTU campaign, which launched in November 2015.

"Respect at NTU: Give it. Get it. Expect it." places a spotlight on the University's expectations of the way staff and students treat, and are treated by, each other. The campaign empowers individuals to take responsibility for creating and maintaining a positive workplace / learning culture, in line with the standards articulated by the new Dignity and Respect Policy. Through high levels of publicity across the campuses, the overarching aim is to help ensure NTU is a safe and inclusive university for all of its
students and staff.

A collaborative Respect and Consent Working Group was established to enable the university to embed the core messages from the Framework throughout the Students' Union, NTU Sport, NTU's academic community, professional and support functions, external agencies and community groups. This has included setting up partnerships with local service providers, such as Topaz – a service for women who have been sexually assaulted – and Rape Crisis, as well as Nottinghamshire Police.

The strength of this collaborative approach lies in the fact that different service areas have developed locally appropriate resources and interventions to increase confidence in dealing with respect and consent issues and promoting positive messages about behavioural expectations.

The Group developed a set of actions which are being implemented throughout the current year and beyond. This is a three-year initiative, by which time the message will have been strongly embedded at NTU and adopted as the norm by all students and staff.

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