NHS compact

NHS compact

Aligning key strategic areas of intent, a new compact between Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUHT) has now been agreed.

The compact is a joined-up collaborative agreement between the two organisations, focusing on areas of current and future strategic importance for their mutual benefit, and that of their stakeholders.

NUHT is a very large teaching and research intensive hospital, a major employer which promotes active professional development. As part of the compact, NTU is examining ways in which we can respond to the professional development needs of the Trust. With both parties committed to an innovative approach across pertinent areas, we will deliver a robust and positive impact to both organisations.

We are seeking to further professionalise the NTU student experience, offering a strong pipeline of pre- and post-graduate talent to NUHT through a broad range of relevant areas of employment. This will extend beyond the traditional healthcare professions, taking in disciplines such as accountancy, human resources, IT, biomedical sciences and many others.

As part of the collaboration, NUHT will provide relevant and tailored practical and vocational experience, offering internships and live project briefs. As a result, students will graduate their course equipped with the talents and employability skills sought by NUHT.

This compact is a sound, solid agreement between both organisations with long-term ambitions. NTU is focused on offering a full experience to our students, while NUHT is keen to develop the necessary talent for its future potential employees, and the scheme will be regularly monitored and evaluated to make sure it is offering full mutual benefits across both parties.

We have a good and growing track record of research collaborations with NUHT staff, who recognise the strength of our expertise in biomedical sciences, medical technologies and advanced materials, in particular. We are currently focussing on the development of a multi-partner medical technology innovation facility, the outputs from which we hope will make a positive contribution to support health and wellbeing and patient care.

For more information please contact Yvonne Barnett.

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