Trent Institute for Learning And Teaching

Innovation in research and pedagogy and developing outstanding scholarships are at the heart of activities implemented by the Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT).

By placing a strong focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning, TILT is both nurturing and growing existing strengths within NTU, simultaneously developing and facilitating further engagement in these activities.

The recently launched sabbatical scheme is intended to provide colleagues with dedicated time to pursue developments which will impact positively on learning and teaching at NTU. The funded scheme drives our vision to expand our research excellence, at the same time supporting our ambition of integrating and embedding innovative teaching and learning practices. Applicants must demonstrate that their sabbatical outcomes have the potential to make a positive impact, can be realistically disseminated and are ambitious, innovative or forward thinking.

Sabbatical winners in 2015-16:
Dr Shiva Sivasubramaniam of the School of Science and Technology is investigating how to enhance student knowledge by encouraging critical thinking. The outcome will be an invaluable, wide-ranging collection of revision resources to support postgraduate and flexi-learning students.

Louise Taylor of Nottingham Law School is developing a reflective online portfolio assessment model, exploring the possibility of this model replacing an unseen exam within the LLB degree programme. 

Dr Michael McCann of Nottingham Business School is supporting the development of higher expertise in the use of the Bloomberg Professional service, which will ultimately enhance our students' skills and employment prospects.

Two further sabbaticals have also been awarded for 2016-17, to Andy Grayson of the School of Social Sciences and Janet Northover of Schools, College and Community Outreach and the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences.

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