Wellbeing week

Wellbeing week

A 2016 'New Year, New You' initiative hosted across Nottingham Trent University helped encourage colleagues to raise their awareness of personal health matters and the importance of physical activity.

Designed to promote accountability and responsibility for health and wellbeing at work, the initiative aimed to supply participants with the information and options to make informed decisions about their health, exercise regime, nutrition and awareness.

Run jointly by Occupational Health and NTU Sports, the event supported these aims through a series of health checks, cholesterol, blood sugar and carbon dioxide levels, and also Boditrax scans.

Building on the success of a previous campaign, this year the initiative also covered a number of other related areas of wellbeing, with advice on healthy eating, alcohol awareness, substance misuse, workstation safety, weight loss, and equality and diversity. This supported the notion of health underpinning our colleagues' expertise, commitment and experience, encouraging and enabling them to take responsibility for their wellbeing at work.

The event was launched in the New Year to coincide with the traditional time for people to start thinking more carefully about their health and wellbeing. The event gave them the opportunity to kickstart a new, healthier approach, with individual advice aimed at supporting each person to introduce nutrition and activity into their own daily lives.

It was extremely popular, with some testing continuing even after the event had ended, due to further demand. Competitions were also held, with prizes for winning ideas for how to improve wellbeing at work.

Thanks to the success of the event, Occupational Health and NTU Sports are hoping to run similar initiatives each year, with bespoke sessions on specific areas throughout the year.

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