EU students

The information on this page is for EU students applying for their funding through Student Finance England. At the time of writing, arrangements regarding the UK leaving the EU were yet to be finalised, as such this information may change. We urge you to keep checking back, we will keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

Tuition fees

The amount of tuition fee you have to pay will vary according to what course you are studying and the year you started your course. See our tuition fees page for further information.

Student funding

Eligible EU students from outside the UK have access to a loan to cover the cost of tuition fees. The tuition fee loan is not means tested, so your eligibility for a loan will not depend on your household income. You do not have to repay these loans until after you leave university and are earning more than a certain amount (currently £18,935 per year for students who started their course before 1 September 2012, and £25,725 per year for students who started their course after 1 September 2012 and live in the UK). Please see the for details on how to apply for finance. You will find the following pages particularly useful:

Can I get any financial assistance towards my living costs?

The only assistance usually available to EU students from the UK government is in respect of tuition fees. As an EU student, you will not be eligible for any of the maintenance grants or loans available to UK students. Other assistance may be available from your home education authority, so you should approach them directly to see what support may be available.

What if I am from the EU/EEA, but satisfy the residency requirements for the UK?

Some EU/EEA nationals who satisfy the UK residence requirements will be classed as "home" students and may be eligible for the funding towards living costs available to most UK students. Please visit for further information. Other EU nationals, who have lived outside the EEA during the past three years, may be classed as international students. In these cases, you may be subject to international fees and will not be eligible for support with fees or living costs from the UK government.

If you are unsure how your residence will be treated for fees and funding, we would urge you to seek advice from the Student Financial Support Service. Further information is also available on the UKCISA website.

Further information

The EU Customer Services Team within the Student Loans Company is responsible for processing the tuition fee loan. For details on how to apply for finance, see the website.

You can arrange to pay your fees direct to the University if you choose not to take a tuition fee loan. You have the option of doing this in three equal instalments if the total you choose to pay direct to the University is £500 or more. See our paying your fees pages for details on how to pay your fees.