Loan still not arrived?

The following is a list of things you should be doing at an early stage to ensure that your application for funding goes smoothly. We've also listed some advice and things to watch out for, to make sure that you are not without funding when you arrive at NTU.

Step one – Find out what you are entitled to

You will need to check what funding is available to you.

Step two – Read all communications carefully and respond quickly to requests for further information

Make sure you follow instructions carefully and provide exactly what is asked for. Don't assume copies of documents are okay when originals are requested. We recommend that you send any documents by recorded delivery, so that it is easier to track them if they seem to get lost.

Step three – Make sure you put the correct tuition fee amount on your application

The amount of tuition fee you have to pay, and how and when you pay it, will vary according to where you are from, what course you are studying, and the year you started your course. Visit our tuition fee page to find out the correct tuition fee amount.

Step four – Don't miss out on being assessed for the bursary

These arrangements apply only to students who joined NTU after 1 September 2015. Your eligibility for a bursary will automatically be checked using the information you provided on your student finance application. However, when completing the declaration on the form, you and your parents or partner can select not to share information with NTU. If this happens, you may miss out on a bursary so be careful how you complete the form.

Step five – Follow it up if you don't hear back within the normal timescale

The standard time for assessing student funding applications is about six to eight weeks. If this time has passed and you've still not heard anything, ring them and find out if there's a problem. Sometimes letters or documents get lost, and your application will just sit in a pile if your student finance service is waiting for you to provide something.

Step six – Seek advice if you encounter any problems

You can contact NTU Student Financial Support Service directly by email or on +44 (0)115 848 2494 if you have any problems with your funding application, or your finances generally.