Carbon Elephant

Carbon Elephant

Carbon Elephant is an NTU initiative which aims to get staff and students involved in the University's plans to reduce our carbon emissions. The University has committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 29% on CO2e per FTE staff and student by 2020/21.

This is a huge task – hence the name of the initiative. In this section you can find out more about how we hope to do this.



Three people on bicycles at the NTU Ucycle launch

Hire a bike

We run a bike hire scheme for all staff and students where you can hire a bike from just £35 a year. Hire yours now or view more information.

Committed to being a sustainable university

The Sustainable Development Team's work is underpinned by NTU's strategic plan and the University Executive Team allocate an annual budget to carry out sustainability projects across the University. The sustainability budget for 2017/18 has increased by 25% on 2016/17. If you have any ideas for potential projects please contact the Sustainable Development Team.