Fairtrade University

Nottingham Trent University is a Fairtrade University. We only offer Fairtrade certified tea, coffee and hot chocolate in all of our catering outlets and hospitality offerings. We also sell a vast range of Fairtrade products through our cafes and SU shops, from chocolate to t-shirts!

What is Fairtrade?

You will find the Fairtrade logo on all sorts of things, from chocolate and tea to cotton wool, olive oil, and even jewellery! When you buy something with the Fairtrade logo, you know that the farmers have been paid a fair price for their produce.

The Fairtrade Foundation helps farmers and producers in some of the poorest countries in the world make a better living for their families and communities. They work with producer cooperatives and buyers to negotiate a better price for their produce than they would receive at market value. This gives them extra funds to improve their lives, such as sending their children to school, investing in community facilities, or securing safe water supplies.

Find out where to buy Fairtrade products in Nottingham using our map.

So what happens at NTU?

Every year we run a whole range of events and activities with a particular focus on Fairtrade Fortnight. We have hosted a range of awareness raising events over the years including:

  • Fairtrade afternoon teas
  • Street food markets
  • Fairtrade desserts at NTU catering outlets
  • Fairtrade bake-off contests
  • Speakers and debates

See Nottingham Trent University's Fairtrade Policy PDF icon .

See Nottingham Trent University’s Fairtrade SMART action plan and interim progress. PDF icon and some impacts of action PDF icon.

See the Fairtrade Foundation website for more information on their mission.

Advice on eating well is available on our Student Services pages


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