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When we lose someone we love, it leaves a gap in our lives that cannot be filled. Cancer is personal, which is why we are working to create personalised treatment.

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At least one in two people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.

We work closely with clinicians and patient groups across the East Midlands. We are trying to improve the diagnosis and management of breast and prostate cancers, and we have also made significant steps in developing treatments for ovarian cancer, brain tumours, melanomas and childhood leukaemia, as well as a treatment that could potentially impact care for up to 60% of all cancers.

We are developing effective vaccines and immunotherapies that will improve the survival rates and quality of life for cancer sufferers.

We also have international research partnerships and collaborations with other established cancer research institutions in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Far East to help us with our mission to crack the cancer code. 

Three of our key partners are:

  • Professor Steve Chan at City Hospital Nottingham
  • Professor Masood Khan at the University of Leicester, and
  • Doctor Tom Sayers at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick, USA.

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