Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement (SHAPE) Research Centre

The focus of the Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement (SHAPE) Research Centre is to improve health and sports performance through research and services to sporting bodies, athletes and the public. SHAPE encompasses staff from the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Department of Engineering and Department of Animal and Equine.


SHAPE research impacts on improved health outcomes, performance in elite sporting clubs and teams, public and sporting policy making, product development and public engagement with science and research. Our research and impact goes across the age range from youth to the elderly, and our impact is ensured by completing our research both in the field and in the lab.

SHAPE research is completed in a vibrant research environment including staff, post-doctoral students, PhD students and MRes students. There are four Research Groups within SHAPE:

If you would like to know more about our research, please contact: Professor Craig Sale.


Our purpose is to improve your performance in ways that are timely, efficient, effective and heathy. Our team of sports scientists, sports psychologists, nutritionists and management specialists are experienced at working with and improving the performance of sports men and women at all levels, as well as individuals, departments and organisations from within the public and corporate sectors. Quite simply, we are committed to demonstrating and making available our expertise in ways that are most relevant and accessible to you.

We are professional, approachable and passionate about improving performance and focus totally on providing timely, effective and efficient solutions. We:

  • know how to translate and apply our expertise into your world
  • can provide off-the-cuff training to create bespoke solutions based on detailed needs analysis
  • offer expertise for one-off occasional support to on-going partnerships.

Whatever the nature of our relationship, you will be in better shape because of our involvement.

If you would like to know more about our services, please contact: Dr Caroline Sunderland