Sport Performance

Sport Performance Research Group

The Sport Performance Research Group is a multidisciplinary team comprising of experts from biomechanics, physiology and psychology.

Group objectives:

  • Enhancement of sporting performance
  • Production of world-leading research by members of the group
  • Explaining the evidence and mechanisms underpinning sports performance
  • Dissemination of our research to ensure its impact

Current research being undertaken:

  • Examination of resilience in high achievers, its assessment in sport performers, and team resilience in elite sport
  • The selection, development and progression (and 'release') of elite child and adolescent athletes and team games performers
  • Investigating whether factors such as adjustments to pre-competition preparation (e.g. heat acclimation, training load), nutritional interventions (e.g. consumption of prebiotics) and clothing (e.g. compression garments) enhance sporting performance or recovery
  • Biomechanical analysis of sport techniques to optimise performance and reduce the risk of injury through a better understanding of the movements an athlete uses and the forces imposed on their body
  • Investigation of the underlying mechanisms causing fatigue during individual and team events

Members include:




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