Sport and Society

Sport and Society Research Group

The Sport and Society Research Group is an interdisciplinary collective of scholars with interests and expertise relating to a range of themes associated with the cultural, political, social, economic aspects of sport, physical education and physical activity in a variety of local, national and international contexts.

Our research aagenda is multifaceted, reflective of the cross-disciplinary approaches that are represented in the Sport and Society group. Contributors to the Sport and Society group are research active, publishing and undertaking work from a range of perspectives including sociology, political science, sports management, sport psychology, and sports coaching. We are committed to research-informed teaching to provide students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level with a high quality learning experience.

The applied nature of some of the research conducted by the Sport and Society Research Group has seen members work with a diverse range of stakeholders, including governing bodies, sports clubs, coaches, athletes and sports administrators.

Members include:

  • Cath Arter
  • Sarah Brennand
  • Chris Parker
  • Craig Strong