Pregnancy and Maternity

The University aims to create an inclusive, supportive workplace and learning environment, free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation, where all people are treated with dignity and respect.

It is committed to tackling unlawful discrimination and harassment on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity in line with the Equality Act 2010. Discrimination happens when a woman is treated unfavourably because of their pregnancy (including pregnancy-related illness), or because they have given birth recently (including breastfeeding). For employees, discrimination may also occur if they are treated unfavourably because they are exercising their right to be on maternity leave.

The University is committed to supporting the work/life balance of its members of staff and to contributing to a framework of 'family friendly' policies and working practices that enable staff to combine work with caring responsibilities. Members of staff can find these on Staffnet.

Students will be supported by their course team in making arrangements and decisions regarding their studies, during any period of pregnancy and maternity. Course teams may seek advice and guidance from Student Support Services when making these arrangements.

NTU has clear policies and procedures relating to equality issues. Discrimination, harassment and bullying behaviours will not be tolerated.

Where members of the NTU community feel they have experienced such behaviours they are encouraged to raise this with their line manager or HR in the first instance, or for students, with their personal tutor.

Should staff or students require independent guidance about their options, they may contact the confidential Dignity and Respect Contacts service.

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