As the destination of choice for an increasingly diverse group of students, we are keen to ensure that individual needs are met and that a sense of value and belonging is nurtured.

Protected characteristics

Protected characteristics are specific aspects of a person’s identity defined by the Equality Act 2010. The ‘protection’ relates to protection from discrimination. Find out more about how this might apply to you in your learning environment.

Respect at NTU

We encourage all members of the NTU community to be aware of their behaviour and interaction with others - and of the impact this may have. Discriminatory and negative behaviour, including on social media, is not tolerated and may also be unlawful. Behaviour that breaches the Student Code of Behaviour PDF icon can result in very serious consequences, including expulsion from the University. If your experience of living or studying here doesn't match your expectations of a respectful environment and you need further information or advice, please refer to our Dignity and Respect Policy. For information relating specifically to sexual consent, visit the Student Support Services Respect and Consent page.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services offer comprehensive support for students with individual requirements or difficulties. They coordinate support and access arrangements for disabled students, students with specific learning difficulties, students with mental health difficulties and students on the autism spectrum. They provide a range of health and wellbeing services and also offer tailored advice and support to mature students, trans students and students from local authority care. 

Students' Union Information and Advice Service

The Information and Advice Service provides an independent, free and confidential advice, information and representation service to all students at NTU.

Equality Challenge Unit (Advance HE)

ECU (now part of the merger Advance HE) provides a central source of expertise, research, advice and leadership for universities and colleges regarding equality, diversity and inclusion.

Dispute Resolution services

These confidential services exist to help staff and students create the best possible environment in which to work and study. Find out how the Mediation Service and Dignity and Respect contacts can help you.





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