The Mediation Service is available to all staff at NTU and aims to improve any difficult working environment between work colleagues.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential service that provides an informal and effective process for dealing with situations that are creating difficult and damaging environments. It is not connected to any formal NTU procedures and offers a safe forum for issues to be discussed and options explored and evaluated with the aim of rebuilding dialogue and mending broken trust.

Once parties involved agree to participate, an impartial third party mediator brings them together to develop mutual understanding of the issues and agree an acceptable and workable way forward.

Confidentiality plays a crucial role in encouraging individuals involved to participate in the process, speak openly and honestly and explore issues in depth. No formal notes are made and the mediators will not share any information or views disclosed in the meeting to anyone, including the other parties, without prior consent.

Mediations are normally completed within one day, at a meeting where all parties can discuss the obstacles to working together, their future relationship and potential solutions to the issues concerned.

The meeting will end with a written summary of the key agreements reached and how these will be achieved.

To request this service or seek further information on the mediation process, contact the Mediation Service by email or telephone them +44 (0)115 848 6529.

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