How we work

Conducting research with life changing impact

The centre seeks to inspire discovery, drive innovation and deliver research with real-world impact. Our methodological expertise is vast, ranging from advanced statistical modelling through to doing focus groups with young people. We pride ourselves on our expertise in and commitment to ethical participatory action research, involving our partners as co-producers at all stages of the research process.

Testing and evaluating new approaches

We will enable the testing of new approaches to working with children, young people and families and will provide current edge evaluation frameworks to translate, upscale and transfer innovation.

Designing courses at the cutting edge

We believe that the most impactful work with children, young people and families has at its heart one significant element: a professional, highly trained workforce. We offer courses that put children, young people and families at the centre of studies. From foundation and undergraduate level through to Professional Doctorates and PhDs, you'll find something to support you in your career development. We also want to work with you to develop your own CPD and workforce training needs.

Shaping and influencing policy

We monitor and contribute to all major local, national and international policy debates on children, young people and families. Our mission is to influence these debates, using our research and the voices of those affected by policy decisions.

Father, mother and daughter taking a selfie
A little girl playing with a bucket of leaves in Autumn