What is Equality Analysis?

Equality analysis is a process by which we can consider the potential impact of our policies and practices on different groups of people.

It enables us to identify unintended consequences of our activities, and barriers that may be faced by those likely to experience disadvantage, and take appropriate action to address adverse impact.

Equality analysis positively promotes equality of opportunity and supports the University's commitment to inclusion.

Legal Context

The University has a legal duty to promote equality through the Equality Duty, and is required to demonstrate 'due regard' of the duty in how it carries out its function, including considering the effects of its policies, practices and activities on equality.

In addition to promoting equality and improving inclusion equality analysis enables us to demonstrate that we are carrying out our public duties and complying with the law.

Our approach

NTU's approach is to embed equality analysis within the policy and planning processes.

Analysis should be carried out as an integral part of policy development and review and planning of activities, and should inform decision making; it is not a separate exercise completed after key decisions are taken.

At NTU equality analysis is supported by an online tool called 'Equate'. This tool enables staff to document the findings of their analysis in a central location. The process requires consideration of relevant evidence e.g. equality data and consultation with those potentially affected by the policy to understand and take account of their perspective.

When might you need to complete an Equality Analysis?

Examples of where equality analysis may be relevant:

  • a change in process, organisational review or restructure, particularly those that involve relocating or rationalising staff
  • creating or reviewing key organisational or local policies and practices
  • developing business plans, projects, new models for service delivery (e.g. adding/changing/removing courses or support services)
  • any major website or communications project
  • developing online services or other resources
  • estate projects.

Who is responsible?

Heads of Service and Deans are responsible for ensuring appropriate equality analysis is carried out within their areas. It is best carried out by people who are developing the policy or planning the activities.

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team is responsible for coordinating the University's approach, and offer training and support to any staff carrying out equality analysis. If you need to undertake equality analysis, or would like to know more about it please email us.

Further detailed guidance on equality analysis at NTU can be found in the Equality Analysis Guidance document Word icon .

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