Disabled employee network

Welcome to the Disabled Employees Network (DEN) web pages. The DEN was set up in July 2011 and consists of a number of disabled staff with different experiences from across the University. Participation in DEN activities and communications is open to any staff member who identifies as disabled. This includes physical and sensory impairments, mental health difficulties, specific learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia), some long-term health conditions, and developmental disabilities such as being on the autism spectrum.

"As a person with an invisible condition, it can be a little bit scary coming along to discuss issues relating to disability - however the DEN members were so very welcoming and everyone does their best to understand the issues affecting people." 

Since it was established, the DEN has provided valuable information relating to a range of access issues around the University's campuses and provided feedback for organisational policies. 

"We're not expected to be experts in all disabilities, just to be open minded enough to spot and consider solutions as they arise." 

The purpose of this staff network is to provide mutual support and a collective voice for disabled staff at NTU, and to support the organisation in being disability inclusive and disability confident. 

"I would encourage staff members to join the DEN, whatever your disability. It's a really supportive place where you can be open about your disability in a work context and be heard." 

The key aims of the network are to:

  • promote positive attitudes towards disabled people and raise awareness of disability equality
  • give a voice to the NTU disabled community enabling dialogue with all levels of the University
  • develop feedback and suggestions on NTU policy, planning and implementation as it relates to disabled staff, formally channelled through the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team
  • liaise both internally and externally with key groups and individuals to support the aims of the network.

Find out more about membership and the network's aims, values, and relationship with the University in the Terms of Reference PDF icon and Memorandum of Understanding PDF icon , or email us.

It may also be useful for potential members to be aware of HR policies which may be relevant to them, such us:

  • Flexible working (right to request) policy 
  • Management of Work-related Stress Policy
  • Managing Sickness Absence Policy
  • Special Leave Policy

These are available to view in the e-Central area of Staffnet. The Safety and Wellbeing Services policies and guidance may also be of interest.




group shot of 4 members of the disabled employee network