Learning and development

Our learning and development programme is the cornerstone of the NTU approach to building individual, team and organisational capability in equality and diversity.

To ensure that we are compliant with current legislation and to engender a positive, thriving workplace culture, the Equality and Dignity at NTU module is mandatory for all new staff members and should be undertaken within six months of joining the organisation.

For staff with managerial responsibilities, there is an additional optional module - Managing Equality and Dignity in Practice.

Our courses

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Equality and Dignity at NTU

This course identifies the core principles and legislative requirements which underpin equality and dignity at work and introduces staff to the latest developments in these areas. It enables staff to consider the meaning of equality, diversity and dignity in their individual role, team or service and to identify areas for development. The overarching objective is to equip staff with core competencies which enable them to embed equality and diversity considerations in their day-to-day practice.

Managing Equality and Dignity in Practice

This course explores managers’ responsibilities in relation to equality and dignity and outlines the policies and processes which are in place to support managers in implementing Equality and Diversity. There is also an opportunity to share examples of good practice and seek peer input regarding any concerns or challenging situations.

Unconscious Bias

This training explores unconscious bias within the context of NTU: what it is, how it can impact upon behaviour, decision making, management practices and service delivery, and what we can do to manage its potential impact.